About Jenny

About Jenny

Hi there! My name is Jenny and I have loved taking portrait pictures since being given my first film camera in my early teens and then studying photography at A-level.

Whilst working as a teaching assistant at a local infant school, where I took pictures of the school events on the side, I found that I could capture the personalities of the children I worked with in the portraits I took and the parents seemed to really love the pictures.

After leaving the teaching job, I jumped at the chance when a close friend asked me to take pictures for her daughter's first birthday.
And I haven't put my camera down since. I then started working as a portrait photographer in 2015.

I always aim to show the character of the person through the portraits I take. As I was originally taught photography by Art teachers, I like to play with more artistic views to capture and create eye-catching portraits.

I like to make my sessions fun, take our time and have a laugh with the process. I love taking pictures of new faces, finding the unique facial expressions and personal tastes, to create images that are special to you and show your best side. I also love seeing faces time and time again, seeing how faces, personalities and tastes change over time, creating images to cherish and treasure throughout time.

I look forward to working with you in the studio.